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As the name implies, this kit has one of everything including: 4 oz. Refine Polish, 16 oz. Quiet Wash, 8 oz. Hush Hydrate, 1.7 oz. Broad Spectrum SPF 30, 1.7 oz. Soothe Essence, 1.7 oz. Saffron Meristem Cream, 1.7 oz. Vital Lipid Lotion, .5 oz. Eye Mousse, 1 oz. Relief Bio Powder, 1.7 oz. Rare C Serum, 1 oz.Rare Retinal Serum, 8 oz. Incredible Enzymes, 8 oz. BeeDazzle Revitalize, 3.3 oz. Clear Future Toner, 1.7 oz. Hush Hydrate Gel, .25 oz. Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum, NEW ITEM 1 oz. Remedy Rehab Oil, NEW ITEM 1.7 oz. Rare Mandelic Serum, 3.3 oz. Mist Me Spritz, plus 2 samples of each retail product except Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum

NOTE: Hale and Hush follows international weight regulations on labels/packaging. The Pricelist however shows the product sizing based on the U.S measure of volume.


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